Friday, January 22, 2010

Writing to Inform

This six weeks, we will be learning to write to inform. This week, during our study of animals in winter, we learned about penguins. Then we wrote at least two sentences stating factual information we learned about penguins.


  1. Hi! I feel odd asking you this but I was wondering how much you corrected the children at this age? I'm talking to you from the other side of the world as a teacher of 10 year olds so I have no idea how it works for the teeny tiny ones! Would you leave their (adorable!) work as it is or correct the spellings?

  2. I try to have them correct things like letters that are reversed or word wall words that are spelled wrong. I am very careful how I ask them to correct. I do it in a very helpful way. Some kids like to sit beside me to write because they feel more comfortable and like to ask more questions. Some kids have such a hard time writing anything that I usually do not have them correct anything. I use wide Post-it correction tape to cover their mistakes and we write with markers so we are not always having to erase. Correcting mistakes can be fun and easy this way.