Friday, January 29, 2010

Clifford Day

This week, we learned about pets and their needs. To end our pet study, we had a Clifford Day. We all wore red in honor of Clifford.

We read Clifford's Family and made a venn diagram to compare who has brothers, who has sisters, and who has both. Then we shared stories about our brothers and sisters.

We read Clifford's First Day of School and brainstormed things Clifford would like if he went to school.

We all thought Clifford would make a good pet because he could do things for us, help us, keep us company, and protect us if we got into trouble.


  1. I love the clifford day- did you have an assembly too? what a great idea and the project is so cute.

  2. you should have more than 8 followers you have a great website.

  3. We were at our Friday Pride Rally. Every Friday, we meet together right after the bell to share goods news from teachers, to announce the birthdays for the week, to have a class share something they have been learning, and to give each other lots of cheers and chants.
    Thanks for your praise for my blog. I love to share ideas!