Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Map Skills

We have been working on map skills. We watched a Discovery Streaming video on maps and drew a map of our classroom. For homework, we drew maps of our bedrooms. We worked together to make a floor map of our school. We learned about how to make a map, what maps are for, and about map symbols. We also made cookie maps- the green is the land, the blue is the water, and the small candies are the buildings.

We used our new screen and projector to watch a Discovery Streaming video about maps and models.

We learned what models were and then we all went and found models in our classroom.


  1. Hey I just came across your blog thru A Place Called Kindergarten and thought I would leave you a comment letting you know that I think your class looks like a lot of fun. So far i like the activities you have blogged about. I am sure I will be checking back for ideas.

  2. Thanks! I love making class books!