Friday, October 16, 2009

We Had a Great Time in Our Big Underwear!

My favorite way to celebrate the letter "U" is to wear big underwear. I am very sad this year because I was in training all week and I missed "Big Underwear Day." But even without me, "Big Underwear Day" went on. The kids read stories about animals and their underwear, they graphed who wore big underwear to school, and they danced to Joe Scruggs' song Big Underwear.

Well, you wake up in the morning,

Stretch your arms in the air,
And then you put on your Big Underwear.
You take a step to your left, you take a step to your right,
Big underwear is never too tight!

You bend at the waist and you touch your shoes,
With Big Underwear you've got room to move.
Jump up, sit down, "And everybody freeze,"
With Big Underwear you've got room to breathe.

Well, it's Big Underwear and you sure are pleased.
You pull it up to your waist.
It hangs down to your knees.
You take a jump forward,
You take a step back.
Big Underwear is where it's at.

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